Tuesday, May 23, 2017

And With That I Wore Scott Out

Sometimes it's hard to figure out when to stop. You get going on a project with the intent of going only so far, when you reach that point and see the progress you just keep going. Mind you, sometimes it's hard to keep up with Scott. I get home from work and he's already knees deep on a task. But about a month ago, on a Saturday, Scott wore out.

Scott started the week working through more of the arborvitae between our back yard and the neighbors yard. He removed even more dead and leaning branches and three dead trees - yes, he pulled them out with his bare hands folks! The result is quite nice, although we have a mountain of brush awaiting the chipper. The arborvitae are still there to screen, but much lighter.

The arborvitae, after the showdown
The resulting brush pile
In addition to the aborvitae, that week Scott tackled the rest of the pine bushes to the left of the driveway. What a difference - the whole yard feels lighter and more approachable. The stumps still need to be ground out and then we'll lay down mulch to create a clean (if temporary) look. Next year I'll work on a planting plan for the strip between the driveways with our neighbor, but for now the vision continues to crystallize.

Pine bushes lining the driveway  
Open and inviting! 

Scott was quite pleased with himself when I came home from work that Saturday and wanted to show me what he had been up to.  We walked back along the west side of the house and when we turned the corner...what a shock! At the west end of the back yard Scott had reclaimed another 50 percent of the back yard. And with that Scott was completely worn out. A week later with help from my brother, John, the juniper in the back yard is gone. And did I mention the resulting record twelve yard waste bags we put out that week (plus the big plastic bin)?

Back yard, circa August 2016          

Scott tackles the juniper and wins!          

A new record!

I've started working on a landscape plan for the back yard. It will be at least next year before we implement anything, but it's so much fun to research and dream. I purchased a book online, Better Homes & Gardens Landscape Planning, published in 1963. So many really great ideas, we'll see what Scott thinks!

Better Homes & Gardens Landscape Planning circa 1963