3301 To Do List

Here's the to do list! Well keep adding to the list, especially as we talk to contractors and get more involved in the projects. And I'll cross things out as we finish them.

  • Repair dry-rotted joist under master bathroom shower
  • Replace inefficient old water heater, move to garage
  • New water supply and waste lines under the house and reconnect (replace) the outdoor spigots 
  • Clean out and encapsulate the crawl space
  • Evict Ben the rat and his friends
  • Replace inefficient old furnace (cracked heat exchanger)
  • Ductwork cleaning
  • Replace Zinsco electrical panel
  • Replace outlets and switches

  • Add 1/2 bath in the laundry room
  • Remodel master bathroom
  • Remodel hall bathroom
  • Create temporary shower on patio
  • Clean existing vanity faces/new hardware in the bathrooms

  • Remodel/organize laundry room, paint and flooring
  • Remove carpet from front and corner bedrooms
  • Remove carpet from living room
  • Remove carpet from master bedroom
  • New floor in dining room and kitchen
  • Install closet organization systems in all three bedrooms
  • Replace wallpaper in entry/hallway
  • Replace trim in hallway

Interior Paint:
  • Front and corner bedroom ceilings/closets
  • Front and corner bedroom walls
  • Ceiling in living room, dining room and hall
  • Living room walls
  • Other closets
  • Dining room walls
  • Hall walls
  • Master bedroom walls, ceiling and closet
  • Repair wallpaper in entry and hall

  • Clear plants/brush that are attached to the house
  • Clean gutters/roof
  • Repair/replace chimney on roof
  • Clear out sewer drains - front
  • Clear out sewer drains - back
  • Clear out downspouts all the way to the road
  • Paint
  • Remove large pine bushes to left of driveway
  • Remove juniper around large pine trees in front
  • Short term landscape fixes in front yard
  • Short term landscape fixes in back and side yards
  • New garage door and opener
  • Garage door paint and design
  • Tuck point window sills and crack
  • Paint the front door
  • Remove rock from under trees
  • Full irrigation - lawns and garden
  • Remove rock from parking strip between the driveways
  • New landscaping in the parking strip between the driveways
  • New foundation vent wells
  • New backyard landscape & fence

  • Refinish kitchen cabinets
  • New counters and backsplash
  • Install trim kit for range
  • New/old range (until we reconfigure)
  • Clean cabinet faces/new hardware
  • Clean cabinet interiors
  • Take down white wallpaper/clean vinyl wallpaper
  • Install new vintage light fixture
  • Install “found” bottle glass sliding counter doors
  • New kitchen floor
  • New range and dishwasher
  • New refrigerator and microwave
  • Paint

And Even More Stuff:
  • Paint the garage interior
  • Organize garage to make room for the Mini
  • Insulate furnace ducts
  • New garage door and opener
  • Fix interior doors that were trimmed for carpet
  • New drop down stairs for interior and garage attic access
  • Lighting in the soffits for the front of the house and over the garage
  • Attic insulation, R4 to R30
  • Floor insulation in the crawlspace
  • New patio light
  • Maximize attic storage
  • Clear honeysuckle vines from attic at east eave