Monday, December 11, 2023

The Retro Ranch...A Star is Born!

That may be a bit over dramatic, but we have been told by the Retro Ranch's new owner that the house will be used in a major motion picture (reference: That Thing You Do!) The owner tells us that the crew had been leaving notes at the house and finally knocked on the window two weeks ago. The director of the movie came by on Wednesday and approved the location. The film, starring James Franco, is set in the 1970's and is a true crime movie about the Golden State murders. They begin filming today, both inside and outside the house.

Who wouldn't want to film a major motion picture here?
We believe the filmmakers found the Retro Ranch because of the amazing marketing by The Reger Group when they were selling the house. You can find the links to the video and two local articles about the Retro Ranch here. The listing is no longer active so you can't view the photos of the house anymore. With that in mind I'm including the listing photos for the Retro Ranch. She's ready for her close up!

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

The Retro Ranch is for Sale!

Yes, it's true! We have decided to sell the Retro Ranch! Why, you ask, if we have done so much, poured years and dollars into bringing the Retro Ranch back to life, would we want to sell it?

Good question. Life has a way of making you take a look at what you want long-term. With Scott retired there is "sh*t we want to do." We want to travel, we want to explore the Pacific Northwest beyond weekends here and there and get to know this wonderful part of the country. We want to visit friends in far-flung countries. All of that would take away from our time at the Retro Ranch. 

Care of a home and yard take time and effort and being away from it for long periods of time would not do the Retro Ranch justice. The Retro Ranch needs a family to take care of. People who will enjoy a home like the Retro Ranch, living and growing and entertaining in its' spaces. We have loved living in the Retro Ranch. We've said it time and again, as much as we have put into it, the Retro Ranch has loved us back.

Click here to see the listing. To see the video our Realtor put together click here. And click HERE to see the awesome article Portland Monthly wrote about our very special Retro Ranch!

Late breaking - OregonLive lumped the Retro Ranch in with The Brady Bunch house for an article on mid-century homes, click here to see it. Pretty good company if you ask us!