Tuesday, November 29, 2016

While We Wait...Teasers 4

Today I thought I'd share some pictures of the bathrooms at 3301. Because of leaks and damage both bathrooms will need to come out. The bathrooms back up to each other so we're going to steal some space from the hall bath to expand the master.  In addition, we'll be adding a 1/2 bath in the utility room for two reasons - first, because Scott wants it; and second, because we're going to need it while the other bathrooms are rebuilt.  
Smallest master bath in recorded history!
And the shower - missing tiles, fixtures, et al. On the bright side, it does has a great window!
Original pink sinks in the hall bath...no we're not keeping them. Once we reconfigure the layout there won't be enough room. But don't worry, they'll go to Re-store where someone will be thrilled to find them!
Pink tub, gray tile...yeah that scheme is going away!
Here's a sneek peak of the bathroom counters were having made for both bathrooms. I can't wait to see them in person!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

While We Wait...Teasers 3

Lots of activity this weekend!  We have the go to sign on the sale of our condo.  Now we just need the appraisal to come in on 3301! We should have that by Friday.  Meanwhile here are pics of the patio and back yard.  Lots to do!  
Covered patio, about 16 X 21 feet. First order next spring? Get a BBQ!
Fireplace/grill on the patio...yes, that makes three fireplaces in the house!
Imagine a large pergola, a fire pit and garden in the way back!

Saturday, November 26, 2016

While We Wait...Teasers 2

Second teaser installment...pictures of the built-ins in the dining room and cool stuff in the living room!    
Built in Secretary in the dining room, just begging to be a charging station!
In the dining room. Not sure of the original intent, we'll use it for albums. If you have any ideas let us know!
Wet Bar in the living room. So much fun, think of the parties!
Needs plumbing work, but we'll have it working soon enough!
And my favorite feature so far...this uber cool fireplace and hood. Not sure what it's made of - tin or copper - but it's finished to look like copper.

Friday, November 25, 2016

While We Wait...Teasers

I took some pictures of the interior of 3301 during the inspection, keeps me entertained on rainy evenings and I have been referring to them while working through design ideas.  Since we're waiting to close, I thought I'd share a few of the cool features as you enter the house here.  I'll share more in the coming days.  Enjoy!

Coat closet with center door knob.
Original wallpaper, only a few nicks. We're going to live with it for a while.      

Behind the grid is the original working Thermo-Tone doorbell...sweet! 
Original working doorbell!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Waiting and Waiting and Oops!

We're supposed to get the keys to 3301 on December 8th and just found that due to a glitch in the Fannie Mae system we now need an appraisal (two weeks before close!)  Yikes!

A little background:
The appraisal had originally been waived by the underwriting system - great! One less thing we have to worry about! We've been going merrily along, scheduling the movers, scheduling meetings with contractors for the Monday after we move in, packing up the condo...all the stuff one does three weeks before a move.

Then "BAM!"  We get the news that now we need an appraisal. The problem isn't the appraisal per se, it's getting one done quickly in this market. The bank is falling all over themselves to get it done in time for us to close on our original date, but recording may slip a day. Or (no, no, no) two days or more which would really put us in a bit of a pickle.  

Scott took the news surprisingly well and I know that there are many folks that have had closings delayed for a lot longer. I should probably settle down. I'll just keep telling myself that.

Have a lovely Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 21, 2016

3301 To Do List

Here's the to do list! Well keep adding to the list, especially as we talk to contractors and get more involved in the projects. And I'll mark things Done as we finish them. Updates will appear in the To Do List page.  

Things To Do

  • Repair dry-rotted joist under master bathroom shower
  • Replace inefficient old water heater with tankless water heater
  • Replace old, leaking galvanized water supply pipes
  • Clean out and encapsulate the crawl space
  • Replace inefficient old furnace (cracked heat exchanger)
  • Replace Zinsco electrical panel
  • Add 1/2 bath in the laundry room
  • Remodel master bathroom
  • Remodel hall bathroom
  • Remodel/organize laundry room
  • Remove carpet from front and corner bedrooms
  • Remove carpet from living room
  • New floor in entry/dining room
  • Remove carpet from master bedroom
Interior Paint:
  • Front and corner bedroom ceilings/closets
  • Living room walls/ceilings
  • Other closets
  • Dining room
  • Master bedroom
  • Clear plants/brush that are attached to the house
  • Clean gutters/roof
  • Clear out sewer drains
  • Paint
  • New landscape
  • Reconfigure kitchen cabinets
  • New counters
  • Backsplash
  • Appliances/fixtures
  • Paint

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Welcome to 3301!

My husband, Scott, and I have lived in condos for years, back in the Chicago area and for the last nine and a half years in Portland, Oregon. We were lucky to have the opportunity, even in this real estate market, to purchase a home not even a mile from where we lived.

3301 is a smaller brick ranch in built in 1964.  Some may call it a time capsule house, as it hasn't had any real updates or modifications in its 50+ years. It's not Mid Century Modern, although it has many cool features. We're calling it Mid Century Modest.

Our plan?  Fix the serious structural issues, catch up on all the required maintenance, update the mechanicals and highlight the cool features of our new home.  We did a lot of research on design, period influences and materials. We are influenced by the Mid Century Modest Manifesto penned by Pam Kueber (check it out here) and an article called Mid Mod Remod Dos and Don'ts. Unfortunately the article appears to have been taken down.  After all our research we've settled on the following guiding principles:

1) Try to stay period appropriate whenever possible.
2) Energy and water efficiency over vintage.
3) Use economical, readily available materials.
4) Use materials that will last for another 50+ years.
5) Have fun with the design, the work and the results!

So that's it.  I'll post a page with the to do list and we'll keep adding to it and checking things off as we go.  And there will be pictures, before and after, for every project!