Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Waiting and Waiting and Oops!

We're supposed to get the keys to 3301 on December 8th and just found that due to a glitch in the Fannie Mae system we now need an appraisal (two weeks before close!)  Yikes!

A little background:
The appraisal had originally been waived by the underwriting system - great! One less thing we have to worry about! We've been going merrily along, scheduling the movers, scheduling meetings with contractors for the Monday after we move in, packing up the condo...all the stuff one does three weeks before a move.

Then "BAM!"  We get the news that now we need an appraisal. The problem isn't the appraisal per se, it's getting one done quickly in this market. The bank is falling all over themselves to get it done in time for us to close on our original date, but recording may slip a day. Or (no, no, no) two days or more which would really put us in a bit of a pickle.  

Scott took the news surprisingly well and I know that there are many folks that have had closings delayed for a lot longer. I should probably settle down. I'll just keep telling myself that.

Have a lovely Thanksgiving!