Monday, January 30, 2017

Incremental Progress or Look at My New Cool Bench!

There has been much incremental progress all over the house. We have pulled up the remaining carpet, in the master bedroom and hallway, and now have beautiful ambered oak floors through most of the living areas.  The remaining areas have tile (the bathrooms), carpet over plywood (dining room), or vinyl (the kitchen and the laundry room).  Other than pulling up the carpet, tack strips and staples, the only thing we've done to the oak floors is wipe them down with a wet paper towel and they gleam!

I went about cleaning the cabinets and drawers in the hall bathroom. They have been well used over the years and the finish is quite worn in areas. The cabinets in the bathroom are made of the same 3/4 inch pecan plywood as the kitchen cabinets with the same ambered finish. What I learned through the cleaning is that the varnish is readily removed, meaning we can likely refinish the kitchen cabinets without damaging the wood. In the bathroom I added new Amerock knobs that mimic the knobs that were original to the house.  
Yes, this bathroom will be completely remodeled before the year is out, but in the meantime it's nice to have it spruced up a bit for the cost of a few knobs and some elbow grease.
The most transformative addition to our home this week is my new floating bench. Designed to be an extension of the hearth in the living room, it elongates and emphasizes the horizontal lines.  Handcrafted by Daniel Moulder of Moulder and Craft in Portland, Oregon, it is made from solid cherry and is absolutely gorgeous.

You'll notice that I haven't posted any pictures of the complete living room.  We have yet to paint it.  Once it's painted the room will be complete and I'll post before and after pictures!