Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Santa Brings the Retro Goods!

Scott and I decided, with the new house and the updates it needed, we wouldn't do a big Christmas exchange this year.  Of course, that didn't stop Mrs. Santa from finding some little items in her NOS stash for Santa to put under the tree.  Here are some of the cool retro finds left there for Scott.

The new Kit Cat Klock was a hit and
makes Scott smile every time he looks
at it.  
Scott on Christmas Morning
Original NOS Medallion Home Doorbell
 It lights up!
After Christmas, Mrs. Santa was poking around on eBay and found a Medallion Home door viewer which she quickly picked up for the front door. Why would she do that? Well, before we took possession of 3301 Mrs. Santa was having way to much fun with the whole "find the cool retro stuff and get it for the house", thing. One of her purchases was an atomic star escutcheon in satin bronze for the very foreboding solid double door entryway.      

As it turns out, the beautiful star is much to big for the door, the lockset being very close to the edge. So she was looking for something else for the door and voila!

Yes, we are geeking out a bit, but it's fun!