Monday, February 27, 2017

Lights and Outlets and Switches, and more!

Prior to making an offer on 3301 we ordered a full inspection of the property to understand the condition of the home, what needed to be done and what was in good shape. This informed our offer and subsequent purchase price and gave us a great starting point for our projects list.  One of the projects revealed in the inspection was the need for a new electric panel. 

The existing Zinsco panel was a known fire risk, the breakers can fail to trip causing fire. Our Zinsco panel had worked for over 50 years without issue and was likely safe, but then again it was over 50 years old. So we decided to bite the bullet and have it replaced. Enter our new Square D electrical panel with upgraded service and a whole house surge protector!

Square D Electrical Panel with whole house surge protector

When we moved in we quickly noticed that every outlet was worn out, practically incapable of holding an appliance or lamp plug. This made charging devices and vacuuming quite a challenge, not to mention making coffee. In addition, there were several three-way switches that weren't working properly, the dining room light fixture to be moved and several new outlets that were needed. In other words, lots of work for our electricians.

The electricians set about replacing all the light switches and outlets. They added an outlet for the garage door opener on the garage ceiling and a new 220 outlet for the water heater that we'll be moving to the garage. They also added an outlet in the entryway and a junction box for my new old stock brass electric clock!

Vintage brass electric clock
Another view

Geeking out a bit on the clock, I just have to show you pictures of the packaging.

The last task for the electricians was moving the dining room fixture to the center of the dining room.  Seems to make sense, but this isn't the first dining room we've had where the light fixture wasn't centered in the room. After moving the junction box, the electrician installed our new chandelier. One might think I purchased the chandelier specifically for this house, but I actually purchased it several months before we even considered moving because it was on sale and I loved it. I didn't have a place for it yet, but knew I would someday. Luckily, someday was sooner rather than later and I think it looks lovely!

Dining room chandelier