Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Guest Bedroom Trials

We determined, after meeting with contractors and replacing main mechanicals over the last two months that our new home is definitely a marathon, not a sprint. Both Scott and I thought renovating the bathrooms was the number one item to complete to make the home feel like home.  Early estimates caught us off guard and we are now taking a longer view on what to complete early on. This decision prompted us to look at the bedroom "wing" as a whole, if we finished the bedrooms we could focus elsewhere. 

After Scott painted the walls, ceiling and closet, we moved from the little corner bedroom into the master bedroom and back into our own bed, heaven! Scott had already completed the office painting, so it was on to the little corner bedroom - the guest bedroom. The guest bedroom was decorated with vinyl grasscloth wallpaper and we were a bit leary on how the wallpaper would come down. Previous experience at our place in Astoria didn't give us a warm fuzzy. Amazingly, the wallpaper was ready to come down and Scott had three walls complete in no time. It was the fourth wall that gave us a bit of a shock.

Yes, that's mold coming from the other side of the wall where the master bathroom shower is located. It's dry (we don't use the shower) and not active, but still really gross. Where the mold is worst the drywall gives quite readily. After more investigation on the other side of the wall we decided to Kilz and slipcoat the bedroom side for the short term, knowing that within six months the bathroom renovations would remove and replace this drywall. Proper precautions were taken during this exercise. After a lot of painting prep and many coats of paint later (dark bright colors really need four coats) we now have three fully functional bedrooms.

Scott wrangles the TV antenna wire  

Guest bedroom  

Guest bedroom

Master bedroom  

The third, and smallest of the bedrooms is Scott's office. To be completed in all the bedrooms are storage solutions for the closets (on order) and window treatments (selected, but not yet ordered). What is really nice is that 3301 really feels like home. The layout is very functional (Scott and I don't meet as much at the pinch points anymore) and the home is welcoming. Ultimately, very livable. 

Life has a way of interfering. Between Scott's upcoming travel and mom's immediate health issues (serious, but not life threatening), the major projects will be throttled back a bit in favor of finishing what we've already started and working on more elbow grease projects in and around the house. I imagine, with the temps warming a bit around here, Scott's focus will turn to the yard and the downspouts. We will get to the bathrooms, but it may take six months.