Sunday, April 9, 2017

The (Almost) Spring-like Weather Continues

I've been very busy at the gallery the last few weeks and weekends leaving Scott to his own devices on Saturdays. As discussed in previous entries, we were removing the shrubs around the large pine trees to open up the sight lines to the house. Scott had accomplished most of that work the previous two weekends totaling something like eight yard waste bags. The are still some roots and lots of stones to remove from the area, but the plan is coming into full focus now.

Shrubs removed from the front Drive

Scott mentioned recently that he would also like to cut back the very overgrown pine bushes (now at least eight feet high) from the left of the driveway as you look at the house. I agreed it would be nice and that was about the extent of the conversation. As we drove up to the house at 6:30 on Saturday evening from the gallery Scott slowed the car to show me his days handiwork.  He had cut back the bushes to about twenty feet from the street and it looks amazing. It really opened up the driveway and sight lines to the house from the west.

View from the west - before

View from the west - after

There be mail boxes in that there ivy! And there was a whole pile of branches to be cut down, which we accomplished today to the tune of six yard waste bags. And of course there is more to more large bush needs to come down and then there is landscape planning including lots and lots of mulch. Our neighbor to the west has a lovely, manicured yard and I'll be talking to her about how to coordinate planting in the shared area behind our mailboxes.

Front yard after shrubs and (most) driveway bushes removed