Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Welcome George and How Many Projects Can We Handle At One Time?

I mentioned in my last post that Scott started working in the front yard, removing the shrubs around the three large trees.  He has since almost completed this task, fifteen yard waste bags later. There are still roots to be removed and then the real work begins...removing all the large pebbles and smooth stones that have been collected for many years and grace the area. The idea is to provide a more contemporary look and clear site lines to the house.

We already purchased a really nifty soil sifter to work the rocks and pine needles out of the soil, and talked about getting a wheelbarrow.  But, traditional wheelbarrows are difficult for me to maneuver and if I'm going to help with the yard work we need something I can easily move around.  Enter George, my sporty new Gorilla dump cart!

George, my new 1200 lb Gorilla Cart

Scott says I just wanted a new wagon...well, who wouldn't? And a recent trip to Astoria scored a new pair of Ugg "Wellies" that will be perfect for working in the yard. I'm ready! Son Scott has already been put on notice that he and his pickup will be on mulch duty. He has agreed, but let me know that there will be a full-size pirate flag at the top of the mulch pile in the driveway. 

I should mention that Scott has also trimmed back some of the large rhododendrons at the corners of the house to allow easy access to the areas on the side of the house in anticipation of the exterior painting project. Most of the shrubs around the foundation of the house are too large and overgrown. They will be pruned back hard after they bloom. We'll see if they decide to come back.

There are lot of projects in the works right now. Inside we have the trim around the kitchen range (with son Scott's assistance) and shelf paper in the kitchen and bathroom cabinets to install. We need to complete the ceiling patchwork in the dining room and the drywall work around the electrical box. Interior painting projects are on hold until fall as we relish in the periodic spring-like weather. Instead, we'll focus on the front yard, drainage issues, exterior painting and the garage door. Maximizing storage in the garage, after painting the garage walls, is a stretch goal of mine so that we can clear the garage floor and finally park the Mini inside.

Scott wants me to mention that the closet storage projects are finally finished! We had a couple hiccups with EasyClosets, we received some wrong and damaged pieces. But their customer service folks are very diligent and we have now received and installed all pieces and parts and couldn't be happier with the results. The systems are easy to install, sturdy and look great.

I expect that we will be quite busy this weekend in the front yard, it's nice being outside. We may even finish some of the inside projects!