Sunday, June 18, 2017

Sunday Smile

Scott is in the throws of painting the house and is at about the halfway mark. I'll be posting more about the painting project in the coming weeks, but today I wanted to post a Sunday smile. 

Yesterday there was a chipmunk in the garage. I saw him running back and forth along the back wall of the garage, apparently looking for the back door. I heard him hiding underneath the mower and was finally able to urge him towards the front of the garage where, like a gentleman, he used the access door instead of the double-wide car door. 

Now Scott uses the garage floor to stage his painting tools. Usually there are multiple brushes and paint cans, both open and closed on the floor when he is mid project. This morning, amid morning coffee and newspaper, Scott called me to the garage. As I approached I heard him laugh. He pointed to the floor and said he was certain he hadn't spilled any paint, but then looked closer...

Are those paw prints?


Yep, those are paw prints!

Yes, the chipmunk had scurried across a paint can lid, left jelly side up by Scott! Normally, paint is something that would be cleaned up right away, but we got such a kick out of it that I think we're going to leave the chipmunk prints right where they are. Have a great week!