Monday, July 20, 2020

Water, water, everywhere or what do you mean we didn’t replace the discharge pipes!

Several weeks before the kitchen restoration project began, there was water on the laundry room floor after doing a load of wash. I should have known from past experience that once something goes wrong around the house it typically doesn’t magically fix itself. However, as this was a one-time occurrence, I was hoping that something just disagreed with the washer and that we were one and done. Silly Scott.

Immediately after the demo work was done and the dishwasher was removed we had another water discharge, this time through the unconnected garbage disposal. Hmmm – well this was obviously due to disconnected plumbing and not some other issue.

With the new countertop and sink in, the new faucet installed and the dishwasher reinstalled, we were good to go,,,.until we ran a load of laundry. This time it not only overflowed on the laundry room floor but urped up into the new kitchen sink. Well something is definitely wrong.


The NWHC came and routed the drain lines behind the washing machine but found no obstructions. Problem solved?!? No such luck. Come Saturday morning, the washing machine discharged more water than ever! It took every available towel we had to mop things up. 

Later that morning, two techs from Three Mountain Plumbing were out to route the discharge lines. They obviously encountered years of sludge based on how far they ran the cable and what it looked like coming back out. Touch wood – things have been working fine since then. (Well, our water discharge has been trouble free, we won’t talk about 2020 in general.)


Do we have an additional plumbing project ahead of us? Not in 2020, that’s for sure.