Saturday, December 10, 2016

Moving day!

It's the calm before the storm, 7:00 am on moving day.  Scott is over at the house putting the second coat of paint on the office. I'm waiting for the movers at the condo.  Minor things to do here yet - disconnect the electronics (TVs, cable boxes, computers stuff and printer), put the sheets in the dryer, and basically move stuff currently on top of things the movers will be moving.

Yesterday was a BIG day.  The living room was cleaned top to bottom - Joe, my new shop vac, while a bit dim-witted did a more than admiral job sucking up anything he was tasked with, the curtains were taken to the cleaners and my son Scott, as opposed to my husband Scott, took out the carpeting in the living room and cleaned that all up. And, as promised, there are the most beautiful honey oak floors underneath!  Lots of other cleaning and carpet removal was accomplished while husband Scott continued painting. Shout out to my son Scott!  We would never have been ready today without his help and muscles - thank you!

So, no pictures today - too much to do, but I'll have bunches to share with you later this weekend!