Monday, December 19, 2016

Moving, Discovering and Editing

We've moved!  We actually got all our "stuff" out of the condo and into the house. Here is the list of things we hoped to accomplish:
  • Paint the office
  • Paint the closets in both small bedrooms
  • Replace the light fixtures in the hallway
  • Pull up carpet in the two small bedrooms
  • Clean the living room top to bottom
  • Clean the small bedroom closet shelves and doors
  • Clean everything else
  • Pull up carpet in the living room
  • Move
  • Clean up the condo for the new owners
  • Collapse
Amazingly, we actually did everything on the list! Husband Scott and Son Scott deserve major cudos for painting and tearing up carpet, respectively. Joe worked especially hard Friday preparing much of the house for our arrival - floor to ceiling in the main living rooms and especially when the carpets came up!  Lets take a look at those living room floors - OMG!

Living room before
Living room - with carpet      
Living room-after
Living room - hardwoods!      

After the movers delivered all the big furniture and the bulk of the boxes, we picked up everything in the storage unit and then fragile items we wanted to move ourselves - guitars, artwork, bikes - the important stuff! And that's when I realized it...the living room is about a foot shorter width-wise than I thought it was. And the love seat in the office is about a foot longer and wider than I thought. Scott thought this was hilarious because I always said the rooms in the condo needed to be a foot wider in each direction.

What my realization actually means is 1) I need to edit out furniture in the living room and office, and 2) since the office was painted a color based on the love seat - yep, Scott gets to repaint it...smarty-pants!

Here are a few more before and after pics. Next entry...Contractor Hell or How many contractors does it take to get a quote?

Fireplace - before
Fireplace - before
Fireplace - after Joe
Fireplace - after Joe
Wet bar - before
Wet bar - after Joe, check out the interior light!